Paint & Bodywork

Volkswagen T3/T25 Bodywork, Paintwork and Restoration services

Volkswagen T3/T25 Bodywork, Paintwork and Restoration services

Bodywork services

At Coast VW, we offer a range of bodywork services including full repaints, panel repair, plus anti-corrosion treatments to preserve the life of your Volkswagen.


Our work is carried out to the highest possible standard, replicating factory welds and techniques. Our highly experienced bodywork team employ a variety of welding techniques, including MIG, TIG and spot welding. Plus, each panel repair job also goes through our quality standards process to ensure the best results and long life repair.

Restoration services

We tackle some of the most challenging bodywork issues on VW T3/T25’s, including the well-documented seam issue. Our proven techniques can solve classic Volkswagen bodywork problems and stabilise the issue to reduce future corrosion.


We have invested in a newly developed zinc metal spraying system for the treatment of seams and other repairs for your bus. This will be a game-changer for the seam rash issues the VW T25/T3’s are so prone to!

Our bodywork and restoration techniques

  • Panels are zinc primed with the world’s best quality MCU Technology paint
  • Repair is zinc primed straight away
  • All corrosion areas are blasted using a SA2.5 near white metal standard
  • All exterior seams are sealed using 2 pack sealers
  • VW specification PVC based sealer is applied to all underside repairs
  • A flexible anti-corrosion wax is applied as a topcoat to underside repairs
  • All interior cavities are wax injected at the point of repair
  • Panel finishing is an involved process, and all bare metal is etch primed
  • Any filling is kept to a minimum, and all repairs are sealed with a waterproof carbon-based filler first
  • The whole vehicle is etch primed, followed by at least two coats of high build primer
  • Topcoats are applied to the colour/finish requirements set by the customer but normally, we recommend clear coat lacquer over coloured base colour