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VW T3/T25 2WD and Syncro Engine Conversions

In-House Engine Conversions

The VW T3/T25 Syncro & 2WD vans are unique vehicles that are designed to perform in both off-road and road environments. However, if you’re looking to improve its performance and enjoy more power, better fuel economy and greater reliability then a Subaru engine conversion is THE ideal upgrade for your van. We have spent the past 8 years developing what we believe is now the best Subaru engine install anywhere. 

Subaru Engine Conversions

We do things a little differently from other Subaru engine conversion companies. Our conversions are by no means a budget conversion but a solid investment in the reliability and improved driveability of your beloved T25.


Subaru EJ25 2.5ltr engine conversion


Why Subaru? We all know that the VW WBX engine as a package is a lovely thing; it’s light, sets the weight of the engine low down, is torquey and sounds great, but it is effectively an evolution of an air-cooled design, and with that, you get some pretty major compromises.


All of this is well documented and out of the scope of this paragraph. So, to answer the question, we always say the Subaru flat-four or even the Subaru flat-six is really the engine VW should have developed – they didn’t, but Subaru did.


It’s a beautifully engineered unit, powerful, torquey, tough, light and just looks right. Take a look at one of the installs; it’s way neater than the factory WBX.


How does 160hp sound? That’s our standard EJ25 2.5 ltr package; it’s good, really good.

Our in house engine conversion details

Having been involved in Subaru engine conversions for many years, we have developed a substantial knowledge base on the EJ series of engines. Using this extensive expertise, we have invested heavily in developing a bespoke system for fitting these engines into the T25. We have probably spent the most time understanding the cooling of these engines and how they actually work when fitted into a van. Our system is specifically designed using live data to ensure the engine has a stable cooling profile under all conditions.


Our system is designed in-house, plus we use unique products also made in-house:


  • Single bottle cooling system all in stainless steel
  • Short sump with armoured base plate
  • Air intake and engine breather system that runs to the right of the engine bay 
  • Super-strong tubular engine carrier bar suitable for 4 cylinder and six-cylinder engines. Syncro and 2WD variants.
  • Full stainless steel header in 3mm wall thickness
  • Full stainless steel CAT equipped exhaust system
  • Engine control of later EJ25 engines to run electronic throttle and variable valve timing using LINK ECU.


Engine type


  • We are able to fit the EJ25 series engines of 2.5 ltr capacity these are typically 160hp
  • We are able to fit the EJ20 series engines of 2.0 ltr capacity these are typically 125hp
  • We are able to fit later EJ25 series engines with variable valve timing and electronic throttle. These are the best EJ25 conversions and are rated at 190hp.
  • We are able to fit EZ30 series engines for those wanting something different.

What's included in an engine conversions?

We price up our engine conversion in detail so you can see exactly what you are buying. However, there may be additional work required to ensure our conversion serves you well into the future. 


Additional things we check and possibly repair:


  • Coolant system
  • Fuel system
  • Electrical system


We will check all of the above items and advise if further work is required. 



Any VW box that has done plenty of miles and is decades old will be worn. However, the Subaru engine is more powerful, so if your box is worn, you can accelerate that wear with a heavy right foot.


If your box displays any symptoms of distress such as whining or crunching, this really needs addressing before work starts, and a re-build would be recommended.

Brakes & Suspension


For brakes and suspension options, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so we can best advise you as there are various options available, all depending on how you intend or already use your van.


There isn’t a one-size-fits-all, and we treat each van on its merits.


Example upgrades available:


  • Rear disc conversion (VW T4 Type)
  • Big 10” brake servo
  • Vented front discs
  • Uprated springs
  • Polybush anti-roll bar
  • Uprated shock absorbers
  • Lowering
  • Raising


We all live in a different age now and must take our environmental responsibilities seriously, and we certainly do with our work. We all know that petrol is massively cleaner than diesel, which is a good thing for air quality. We believe that anything we can do to improve this further is worth our time and investment, and hopefully, you do too.


How do we meet our responsibilities?


  • We run Catalytic converters on our conversions, these really clean up the emissions.
  • We run Lambda sensors on our conversions to ensure an optimum air-fuel ratio.
  • Our installs are E10 compliant from 2020.