Syncro Services

Restorations, modifications and engine conversions for VW T25/T3 Syncros

The VW T3/T25 Syncro is our passion and our niche!

Our VW T25/T3 Syncro Services

We know VW Syncro’s inside and out and are very knowledgeable about what does and doesn’t work for these great vehicles. We offer a range of modifications that are proven and work for these unique vehicles. There hasn’t been a working day in the last 12 years where one of the team hasn’t been working on a VW Syncro restoration, conversion or general maintenance in our workshop… that’s a lot of combined experience!!

VW T3/T25 Syncro builds

We have built and modified all types of VW Syncro’s that will handle everything from everyday camping to over landing adventures. Each project is tailored to ensure the van meets your individual needs, and every attention to detail is taken to deliver quality results.


Volkswagen Syncro specific –


  • We offer genuine VW Syncro advice and expertise                                                
  • We can uprate your VW Syncro suspension
  • We can uprate your VW brakes
  • We can fit de-couplers
  • We can upgrade your transmission
  • We can supply reconditioned gearboxes for your Volkswagen Syncro
  • We can unseize your diff-locks
  • We can rebuild your CV joints
  • We can rebuild your Viscous Coupling
  • We can modify your Viscous Coupling
  • We can source rare and special parts for your VW Syncro
  • We can build a Syncro to your exact requirements
  • We can prepare your VW Syncro for expeditions
  • We can convert your VW Syncro to Subaru power for more engine power and reliability
  • We can convert a Volkswagen T25 2WD to 4WD factory spec Syncro
  • We can restore your Syncro to factory specs
  • We can convert your Syncro from LHD to RHD
  • We can undertake a full restoration on your Syncro
  • We stock a wide range of Syncro spares and parts


Here at Coast VW, we offer genuine Syncro expertise and advice and will work with you to build a van to your exact requirements. 

Thinking about a Subaru engine conversion?

If you want to retain the character and feel of your VW T3/T25 Syncro but are looking for a lot more power and improved drivability, a Subaru engine conversion is an ideal upgrade.


We are specialists in VW T3/T25 Subaru engine conversions and never scrimp on the details when it comes to installing this powerful addition.


Find out more about our Subaru engine conversions here >.